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Bayern Munich and Dortmund are about to have their first positive dialogue of the season tonight. Can the four-time champions who have just suffered a disastrous defeat and their winning streak return to home can reverse the recent unfavorable record against Dortmund in the German Super Cup. ? The contest between the following five groups of players may determine the final outcome to a large extent:

拜仁慕尼黑和多特蒙德今晚将进行本赛季的首次积极对话。刚刚遭受惨败而四连冠的四届冠军能不能扭转最近在德国超级杯对阵多特蒙德的不利纪录。 ?以下五组玩家之间的较量可能在很大程度上决定最终结果:

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Obviously, when it comes to matchups on the court, the most eye-catching thing is the fight between center forward and center back. And this year, when it comes to efficiency in front of the goal, no one can be the right of Levan, Hummels is still generally recognized as the best central defender in the Bundesliga.


In the journey to win his fifth small steel gun, Lewandre scored 34 league goals, which is second only to legendary superstar Ged Müller in the entire Bundesliga history. At the same time, the 32-year-old Polish center also scored 15 goals in 10 Champions League games and 6 goals in 5 German Cup games (including a brace against Bayer Leverkusen in the final). Obviously, he has become the strongest striker in the Bundesliga in the new century.


However, Hummels is also very familiar with Lewandre. The two worked together in Dortmund for four years and then reunited for three seasons at Bayern. Few central defenders have had such a long experience with Lewandard. Even though he is 31 years old, Hummels still played in 30 Bundesliga games last season, his steals and interceptions are still in the forefront of the league, and the number of clearances is even higher.


Even before Kimmich scored that amazing rubbing shot in the German national derby in May, everyone was already aware of his talent and talent. As one of the best right backs in the world in the past few years, he has shown world-class strength in the midfielder position. Although he is only 25 years old, he already has the demeanor of a midfielder. The two long pass assists against Schalke this season and the world wave from Huo Cun also proved his impressive progress on the offensive end.


However, the newborn calf is not afraid of tigers, and the young Bellingham obviously does not fear the opposite German midfielder. The juvenile England genius first arrived and became the team's main force, scoring the first goal for the yellow and black in the German Cup debut. Only a week later, he became the youngest player in Bundesliga history at 17 years and 82 days. In front of him, Kimmich may have to sigh secretly, time flies. And considering Bellingham's amazing performance on various debuts before, he may also be able to shine again in his first German Super Cup.


Thanks to a hat-trick against Augsburg, Harland scored his first three Bundesliga goals 23 minutes after coming off the bench. Even Lewand’s start efficiency is not as good as Royce said: "Lewand had to fight for playing time when he came to Dortmund, but now Harland is already in a very high position when he joins. High level." The 19-year-old Harland was like a godly aid after joining Dortmund in the second half of last season, wearing a cap in the first show, double ringing in the second game, and a total of 13 goals in 15 Bundesliga rounds. At the same time, he also scored 10 goals in the Champions League last season and was second only to Lewandade in the tournament's scorer list. This is by no means just a flash in the pan. The Norwegian genius has opened a goal account again in the new season and scored 2 goals in the first round of the league, making you feel that you can't stop.

多亏了对奥格斯堡的帽子戏法,哈兰德在替补席上出场23分钟便打进了自己的前三个德甲进球。甚至Lewand的起跑效率也没有Royce所说:“ Lewand来到多特蒙德时不得不为比赛时间而战,但是现在Harland加入时已经处于非常高的位置。高水平。” 19岁的哈兰德(Harland)在上赛季下半场加盟多特蒙德(Dortmund)之后,就像是一位虔诚的助教,在首场比赛中戴帽,在第二场比赛中两次响起,并在15轮德甲比赛中总共射入13球。同时,他还在上赛季的欧洲冠军联赛中攻入10球,在比赛的得分手名单中仅次于莱万达德。这绝不是泛滥成灾。这位挪威天才在新赛季再次开设了一个进球帐户,并在联赛第一轮打进了2个进球,让您感到无法停止。

But if anyone can cool Harland's fiery state, it can only be Neuer. The German national goal led the team to complete the triple crown feat for the second time last season, and joined the teammate Lewandade to enter the final three-man list of UEFA Players of the Season. Despite being 34 years old, Neuer showed no signs of decline, and instead ushered in the second spring of his career.


In 33 Bundesliga games last season, 15 zero sheets were completed. Harland and other Dortmund players could not find a way to penetrate Neuer's gates in their matches last season. And the Paris coach Tuchel, who has coached Dortmund, was even worse after the Champions League final: "Neuer has raised the role of goalkeeper to a whole new level", whether it is Neymar or Mbappe's close shot. They were all resolved bravely by the German gate.


After the 8-0 victory over Schalke 04 in the Bundesliga opener, the outside world began to compare the new 7-10 connection of "Gnabry + Sane" with "Roberg". However, the new aid Sane wisely chose to cool down this argument, bluntly saying that he should not jump to conclusions just because of a game. However, there is no doubt about the tacit understanding of the German national team's wing partner. Gnabry scored three goals, two of which were assists from Sane. And when Sane missed the German Super Cup due to a recurrence of a knee injury, more responsibility will naturally fall on Gnabry. As a typical big scene, we can expect him to score more than one goal like against Tottenham, Chelsea or Lyon.


And if Dort wants to defend Gnabry, Emre Jan's experience and consciousness will play a decisive role. The Bayern academy player, who has been to Bayer Leverkusen, Liverpool and Juventus, has brought much-needed stability to the team during the half-season joining Dortmund. And this also strengthens a shortcoming for Dort, who has always been accustomed to "regarding the head but not the tail". Zhan's ability to read and predict the game will also help wing teammates to find out and fill vacancies, so as to better limit the impact of Bayern wingers.

如果多特(Dort)想捍卫格纳布里(Gnabry),埃姆雷·扬(Emre Jan)的经验和意识将起决定性作用。拜仁勒沃库森(Bayer Leverkusen),利物浦(Liverpool)和尤文图斯(尤文图斯(Juventus))的拜仁学院球员在加入多特蒙德的半季期间为球队带来了急需的稳定性。这也加剧了Dort的缺点,Dort一直习惯于“关于头部而不是尾巴”。詹的阅读和预测比赛的能力也将帮助边锋队友发现并填补空缺,从而更好地限制拜仁边锋的影响。

When talking about the most threatening player in Dortmund, perhaps the first thing we think of is Sancho, who contributed 17 goals and 16 assists last season. The England international directly participated in almost half of the team's league goals. However, due to respiratory infections, Sancho and Burki were unable to play tonight's German Super Cup.


Bayern should not be too relaxed while taking a sigh of relief, because the Hornets had already waited for the return of the meritorious captain Royce not long ago. The experienced frontcourt generalist has fully recovered after three substitute games and scored a goal immediately after his debut in the German Cup against Duisburg. The 31-year-old Royce scored 10 goals in his previous career against Bayern, including 2 in 3 German Super Cups. In an interview last week, he also talked about the eventual choice of Dortmund over Bayern in 2012, and Royce clearly hopes to prove his choice with a victory.


But Davis obviously hopes to see another ending. The speed of Bayern's popular fried chicken is unmatched and always able to move forward. As the main force to help Bayern Hao win the triple crown, the 19-year-old Canadian also won the UEFA season's best three defenders list with teammates Alaba and Kimmich. Although young, Davis is already considered a world-class player by virtue of his outstanding performance, and Semedo and other opponents have also proved that they obviously can't fight hard when facing this wing fast. And when facing Royce's precise passing and changeable footwork, what kind of performance Davis can give in the match is also worth looking forward to.




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