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【中国竞猜网】陈忠和再谈02年女排让球事件 仍为赵蕊蕊受伤自责

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   At the 2002 World Championships in Germany, Chen Zhonghe chose to handicap based on tactical considerations. As a result, he did not get the results he wanted, and at the same time he was criticized by all sides. Recalling, he said: "Let the ball make trouble. It should be said that this is a tactic. For example, when you were in Italy, I thought I could not beat you, of course I avoided you. To play a good player, play Brazil. But Yuan Weimin criticized it. Yes, it violated the spirit of sports. Later, I thought about it. If you let go of your mind and the spirit of the little tiger, you might get better results. I think so."

在2002年德国世锦赛上,陈忠和出于战术考虑选择让球。结果,他没有得到他想要的结果,与此同时,他遭到了各方的批评。他回忆说:“让球惹上麻烦。应该说这是一种战术。例如,当你在意大利的时候,我以为我不能打败你,我当然会避开你。扮演一个好球员,打巴西,但袁为民提出了批评,是的,它违反了体育精神,后来我考虑了一下,如果放开您的思维和小老虎的精神,您可能会得到更好的成绩。 。”

   In the sound of get out of class dismissal, Chen Zhonghe received encouragement and support from the players on his birthday before the Asian Games. "There was also an Asian Games at the last stop in 2002. At this time, if I am unsuccessful at the Asian Games, I will definitely dismiss the class. So the players were very united at that time and trained very well. Zhao Ruirui drew a cartoon that day, and every team member gave it to I wrote a blessing, that is, Chen has guided you to be the happiest in the world. We still have so many people who love you, like you, and support you. I hope you can survive the difficulties. The team members also know that that day is my birthday. They paid their own money to buy a very large bouquet of flowers and sent them to the stadium. I feel very touched."

在退出集体解雇的声音中,陈忠和在亚运会生日前的生日受到了球员的鼓励和支持。 “ 2002年的最后一站还有亚运会。这一次,如果我在亚运会上失败了,我肯定会解雇该班的。所以当时的球员们非常团结,训练得很好。赵瑞瑞那天画了一个漫画,每个团队成员给我写了一个祝福,那就是陈指导你成为世界上最幸福的人,我们仍然有很多爱你,喜欢你,支持你的人。我希望你能渡过难关。队员们也知道那天是我的生日。他们用自己的钱买了一大束鲜花,并将它们送到体育场,我感到非常感中国竞猜网首页动。”

   It is in this situation that the Chinese women's volleyball team only lost one game to win the Asian Games, allowing Chen Zhonghe to continue to lead the team. The 11-game winning streak in the 2003 World Cup allowed the Chinese women’s volleyball team to return to the top of the world after the “five consecutive championships”. "Through this time of hardship, the whole team is more united. The World Cup 2003 also won 11 consecutive victories without losing a single match. After 17 years, they won the World Cup championship, tied into a ball, and overwhelmingly overwhelming."

正是在这种情况下,中国女排仅输了一场比赛就赢得了亚运会,这让陈忠和继续领先。 2003年世界杯足球赛取得11连胜,这使得中国女排在“连续5次夺冠”之后重返世界之巅。 “通过这次艰难的时刻,整个团队更加团结。2003年世界杯足球赛也连续11场胜利,却没有输掉一场比赛。17年之后,他们赢得了世界杯冠军,并列为一个球,势不可挡。”



  Originally, after winning the World Cup, according to Chen Zhonghe, the Chinese women's volleyball team was "more confident" in winning the Athens Olympics, but the accident happened before the game. The team's No. 1 player, Zhao Ruirui, was accidentally injured, which caught people off guard.


"At the beginning of the year, Zhao Ruirui suddenly broke a fracture. Zhao Ruirui said at the time that her feet hurt, and I asked the doctor to take it to the hospital, but the doctor came back and told me that periostitis was fine. Then of course I listened to the doctor and asked her to continue training. .(Doctor) asked her to take painkillers. After taking painkillers for a week, I didn’t know. One day she told me that she was very painful. Later that morning when I was training, I called the doctor over. What's the situation? One keeps crying, and the other says it’s okay. Whose problem is it? After training today, I will check again. As a result, I didn’t expect that the tibia and fibula broke off halfway through the training day." In the past, Chen Zhonghe still looks regretful.


   Chen Zhonghe even shed tears when reporting to the platoon management center. "Zhao Ruirui is pessimistic because she was injured. But I told Zhao Ruirui that as long as you can go, I will take you to the Olympics. She has been working hard and has been practicing. The Olympics brought her in."

当向排管理中心报告时,陈忠和甚至流下了眼泪。 “赵瑞瑞因为受伤而感到悲观。但是我告诉赵瑞瑞,只要你能走,我就会带你去参加奥运会。她一直在努力工作,一直在练习。奥运会使她加入了。”

   As a result, in the first game against the United States, the accident happened again. Zhao Ruirui, who only played 2 goals on the field, was injured again. "Because Zhao Ruirui has not touched her for a year, first threaten her. After Zhao Ruirui was injured, it was Zhang Ping who was playing. Zhang Ping was very disagreeable with me. I told Zhang Ping that Zhao Ruirui would look at it first. When it doesn’t work, you must be prepared. Just play two rounds and give her a ball. If it doesn’t work, you will lift it down. Unexpectedly, Zhang Ping played very well throughout the game. So in the end we also won the 2004 Olympic champion."

结果,在与美国的第一场比赛中,事故再次发生。仅在场上打入2球的赵瑞瑞再次受伤。 “因为赵瑞瑞已经一年没有碰她,所以先威胁到她。赵瑞瑞受伤后,是张萍在玩。张萍对我很不满意。我告诉张萍,赵瑞瑞会先看一下它。 ..当它不起作用时,您必须作好准备。只打两个回合然后给她一个球。如果不起作用,您将其抬起。没想到,张萍在整个比赛中表现都很好。最中国竞猜网首页后,我们还赢得了2004年奥运会冠军。”

   In the final against Russia, behind 0-2, the Chinese women's volleyball team staged a shocking reversal and won the championship with 3 consecutive games. In this regard, Chen Zhonghe recalled: “Russia was stronger than us in terms of ability at the time, and she should have a probability of 51 to 49. She was supposed to have a strong offensive ability, a high level, and a pretty good technique. That game was also pretty good. It’s more interesting. We lost two rounds first. After losing the two rounds, I actually put my whole heart at ease. I didn’t think so much. I told the players that we had finished the task in second place, this time The top three tasks given to us, you have now overfulfilled the team’s feeling of wanting to win and fear of losing. This thought replaced it. As a result, the next three games were let go. As a result, we were just one. Always leading on the road. In the fifth inning, 15-11, we won the last game."


Regarding the joy of that victory, Chen Zhonghe said: "I don't feel like you can buy this and this kind of emotion for a lot of money! You don't have this kind of feeling when you give you 10 million. Wow, this kind of excitement is impossible, because She was trained through the 365 days a year, every day, once she broke out to get this result, it is really not easy."

关于那场胜利的喜悦,陈忠和说:“我不觉得你可以花很多钱买这种东西,这种情绪!当你给你一千万时,你不会有这种感觉。哇! ,这种兴奋是不可能的,因为她一年365天都要接受培训,每天,只要她爆发出这种结果,那真的就不容易了。”



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