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An interesting question is: Does Jordan also provide football players with a road map to success?


If we talk about fighting spirit, hunger (for victory) and determination, the answer is obviously "yes". Most athletes will tell you that these mental qualities are as important as IQ and athletic ability. But when it comes to the team's chemistry, the situation is quite different. At least in modern football, neither Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, who has the same status as Jordan in basketball, can't, and won't get along with teammates like him.


In football, both sides of the game send 11 players to the field-compared with a 5-on-5 basketball game, each football player has less influence on the game. Basketball players need to participate in every offense and defense of the team, but football players are completely different: even if you are one of the best players in the world, you may take a long walk.


At the same time, basketball teams tend to score high in the game, and luck and randomness have less influence. The number of goals scored in football matches is much smaller, and at some point, a defender's mistake may determine the outcome of the game. This means that although Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Maradona and Pele are all regarded as strong contenders for the best football players in history, their influence in the game is not as good as Jordan, James, and Bird. And Chamberlain and other basketball superstars.


From another perspective, in addition to exerting influence on his teammates, Jordan's tremendous influence on the team he plays for is also incomparable by any football player.


From Jordan's rookie season (1984-85 season) to the 1997-98 season when he left the team, the Chicago Bulls made the NBA playoffs every season (including the year Jordan went to play baseball). In the Jordan era, the Chicago Bulls became one of the most well-known and most popular sports brands in the world. In the seven years before Jordan's debut, the Bulls only made the playoffs once... After Jordan left the team, the Bulls waited six years before entering the playoffs again.


Football is completely different. Barcelona is not famous for cultivating Messi, and Ronaldo has not made Real Madrid greater. In the two seasons before the young Messi got a stable starting chance for the first team, Barcelona achieved two consecutive La Liga titles and also won a Champions League trophy. In the three years before Ronaldo joined Real Madrid, "Galaxy Battleship" also won the La Liga championship twice.


If an NBA team gets a star player, it usually builds the team around him. In contrast, the giants in football know that even if they lose their superstars, they can remain competitive-unlike the NBA, football clubs tend to have more influence than players.


Of course, the football club also hopes to make the stars happy. Ronaldo and Messi’s annual salary is much higher than that of their teammates, but when it comes to the annual salary gap with teammates and their influence on the team’s decision-making level, they are still not as good as Jordan. For example, when Real Madrid decided to fire Ancelotti and instead hire Benitez to coach the team, they did not consider Ronaldo's opinions too much.


In a sense, Messi’s influence in Barcelona is closer to that of Jordan. There are rumors that the reason Barcelona appointed Martino as coach in 2013 was just to appease Messi; in addition, Messi is eager to see Neymar return to the Nou Camp... But we all know that Martino only stays at Barcelona After a season, Neymar is still playing for Paris.


In short, neither Messi nor Ronaldo is Michael Jordan.


If you discuss Jordan’s leadership style as a team leader, you will quickly discover that neither Messi nor Ronaldo can get along with teammates like him. Messi would neither allow Pique to eat dinner because of his poor performance in a certain game, nor would he spit Fati rudely, or punch De Jong. Ronaldo, who is more outgoing, has never used humiliation as a tool to motivate his teammates.


Perhaps someone will mention Ibrahimovic, thinking that he sometimes beats his teammates "for the benefit of the team." While playing for the Los Angeles Galaxy, Ibrahimovic was really unabashed in evaluating his teammates, but he and Jordan are not the same type of person-Ibrahimovic has nine transfers in his career, and is more like a lone wolf than a leader in character.


In fact, in the age of social media, the words and deeds of players may quickly spread across the Internet, and it is almost impossible for the next Jordan to appear in any sports.


As for how to lead the team and help teammates build confidence, people's general views have also changed. Backup guard Alex Avrinez, who has played for the Oklahoma City Thunder for three seasons, told the Spanish newspaper “Nation”: “From the perspective of making demands on teammates, people like Jordan or Kobe have already No longer exists. Basketball is developing and most players are unwilling to be demanded by their teammates."

至于如何领导团队和帮助队友建立信心,人们的普遍看法也发生了变化。为俄克拉荷马城雷霆队效力了三个赛季的后备后卫Alex Avrinez告诉西班牙《国家报》:“从对队友的要求来看,乔丹或科比这样的人已经不复存在了。篮球正在发展,大多数球员都不愿意被队友要求。”

Italian political thinker Niccolo Machiavelli wrote in "On the Monarchy": "It is better to be loved than to be hated, but the best thing is to be feared."

意大利政治思想家尼科洛·马基雅维利(Niccolo Machiavelli)在《君主立宪制》中写道:“被爱比被恨更好,但最好的是被恐惧。”

Jordan's former teammate Yad Buqiler once said bluntly that most of his teammates were afraid of him when Jordan played for the Bulls. This may be the biggest difference between Jordan and football superstars such as Ronaldo and Messi. In football, superstars are often loved (and sometimes hated) by their teammates, but they never lead the team in a frightening way-especially in this day and age.

乔丹的前队友Yad Buqiler曾经直言不讳地说,当乔丹为公牛队效力时,他的大多数队友都很害怕他。这可能是乔丹和足球巨星(如罗纳尔多和梅西)之间最大的区别。在足球界,超级巨星经常会受到队友的爱戴(有时是讨厌的),但他们从来没有以令人恐惧的方式带领球队,尤其是在当今时代。

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