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The league has averaged less than two goals per game. The striker has not scored in 7 consecutive games. The top forward in the team has only scored 2 goals in the past 13 games. The best scorer in the team since the new year is the midfielder Isco... …Despite using Xia Chuang to strengthen the striker and Zidane’s "metaphysics" blessing, Real Madrid still failed to solve the problem of scoring difficulties. The frontcourt was unable to output steadily, and the White Coats were unable to turn their advantage into a winning position in many games. The “weak front” became the main trouble for the “Galaxy III”.

联盟平均每场不到两个进球。这位前锋连续7场比赛都未得分。在过去的13场比赛中,球队的最高前锋仅进2球。自从新年以来,球队中最好的得分手是中场伊斯科(Isco)。。。尽管使用了夏闯来加强前锋和齐达内的“形而上学”祝福,但皇马仍然未能解决得分困难的问题。前场无法稳定输出,白衣无法在许多比赛中将优势转化为获胜位置。 “薄弱的阵线”成为“银河III”的主要麻烦。

Real Madrid's "weak front" problem began in the 2017/18 season. The decline in the efficiency of the BBC combination and the departure of Morata and Ronaldo led to a sharp drop in the number of goals scored by the team. In the first round of the national derby defeat at home, Real Madrid withdrew from the competition for the league title early, and the Copa del Rey was eliminated by Leganes at home in the last 16 of the Copa del Rey. Zidane's coach was once in jeopardy. In the absence of a high-level response to the "winter window buy striker" call, Zidane led Real Madrid to the top in the Champions League knockout round. The home game against Juventus and the two rounds with Bayern were all dangerous.

皇家马德里的“弱阵线”问题始于2017/18赛季。 BBC合并效率的下降以及Morata和Ronaldo的离开导致球队进球的数量急剧下降。在国家德比战的第一轮主场失利中,皇家马德里提前退出了联赛冠军争夺战,而国王杯则在最后16轮被莱加内斯主场淘汰。齐达内的教练曾经处于危险之中。由于没有对“冬天的窗口购买前锋”号召做出高层回应,齐达内带领皇马在欧洲冠军联赛淘汰赛中名列前茅。对阵尤文图斯的主场比赛以及与拜仁的两轮比赛都是危险的。

Surprisingly, Ronaldo’s departure did not become the starting point for Real Madrid’s new round of striker construction. The heavy purchase of Mbappé failed, and Real Madrid successively missed Rodrigo (Valen), Aspers and Werner. Mariano from Lyon became a substitute for Mr. Golden Globe. This series is suffocating. The operation of the four grounded foreshadowing early. In the 2018/19 season, Real Madrid scored only 63 goals in 38 league games, breaking the lowest production since the millennium (38 games/66 goals in the 2006/07 season). The BBA combination that Lopetegui relies on is embarrassing, and Vinicius, supported by Solari, has become a witness to the three-week crash.

令人惊讶的是,罗纳尔多的离开并没有成为皇马新一轮前锋建设的起点。大笔中国竞猜网收购姆巴佩失败了,皇马先后错过了罗德里戈(瓦伦),阿斯珀斯和维尔纳。来自里昂的Mariano代替了Golden Globe先生。这个系列令人窒息。四人的行动在早期就奠定了基础。在2018/19赛季,皇家马德里在38场联赛中仅进球63球,打破了自千年以来的最低产量(2006/07赛季为38场比赛/ 66球)。 Lopetegui依靠的BBA组合令人尴尬,而在Vinolaius的支持下,Solari成为了三周崩盘的见证者。

Based on the above painful lessons, the focus of the construction of the "Galaxy III" team fell on the front line. Hazard and Jovic let people see Real Madrid's determination to rebuild the front line. Regrettably, Hazard was plagued by injuries and missed more than half of the games. Jovic's performance in several starting positions was not good. Losing the national derby list for the second round means that the Serb has become a marginal player in the team's rotation. The two forwards will not be able to create a "catfish" effect, and Real Madrid's striker's scoring efficiency still stays at the level of last season.

基于上述痛苦的教训,“银河III”团队的建设重点放在了第一线。哈扎德和乔维奇让人们看到了皇马重建前线的决心。令人遗憾的是,哈扎德因伤病困扰,缺席了超过半场比赛。乔维奇(Jovic)在几个开始位​​置的表现都不好。第二轮全国德比失利意味着塞尔维亚人已经成为球队轮换中的边缘球员。两位前锋将无法产生“ cat鱼”效应,皇马的前锋得分效率仍保持在上赛季的水平。

Before the six-point game against Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid had already been eliminated from the Copa del Rey, with five zero sheets in 26 league games, and the Champions League was also on the verge of being out. A total of 14 Real Madrid players have scored in the 2020 game. Isco and Ramos have become scoring "patterns". The huge lineup has become a foil. The situation of "multiple blooms" is really worrying. Vinicius and Mariano are not prolific shooters. They were able to score goals on the stage of the national derby, mostly because of Barcelona's defense mistakes. After being a guest at Biamarin, the performance of Real Madrid's striker returned to "normal".

在对阵巴塞罗那的六分球比赛之前,皇家马德里已经从国王杯中被淘汰出局,在26场联赛中以5零的成绩被淘汰,而冠军联赛也处于淘汰状态。 2020年比赛中,共有14名皇马球员得分。伊斯科和拉莫斯已成为得分“模式”。庞大的阵容已成为障碍。 “百花齐放”的状况实在令人担忧。 Vinicius和Mariano不是多产的射手。他们之所以能够在国家德比的比赛中进球,主要是因为巴塞罗那的防守失误。在拜亚马林(Biamarin)成为客人之后,皇马前锋的表现恢复到“正常”水平。

Since the 1980s, there has always been one or even a few high-yield shooters carrying the team during the season when Real Madrid won the league championship. From Hugo Sanchez in the Five Eagles to Zamorano in 1994/95, from Raul, Suk and Miatovic in 1996/97, to Ronaldo, 2006/07 and Ronaldo in the 2002/03 season. Van Nistelrooy in the 07/08 season. In the Western Super League era, the competition is fierce, and a highly productive shooter has been unable to bring Real Madrid a championship. In the Mourinho era, Real Madrid relied on Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema and Higuain to drive the offensive storm, won a league championship, and opened a new era of trident. The formation of the BBC combination is an extension of this idea.

自1980年代以来,在皇马赢得联赛冠军的那个赛季中,一直有一个或什至几个高产射手带领球队。从五鹰队的雨果·桑切斯到1994/95的Zamorano,从1996/97的Raul,Suk和Miatovic到2002/03赛季的罗纳尔多和2006/07的罗纳尔多。 Van Nistelrooy在07/08赛季。在西方超级联赛时代,竞争非常激烈,高效率的射手一直无法为皇家马德里带来冠军。在穆里尼奥时代,皇马依靠克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多,本泽马和伊瓜因来发动进攻攻势,赢得联赛冠军,并开启了三叉戟的新纪元。英国广播公司组合的形成是这一想法的延伸。

Zidane once led Real Madrid to set a double championship in the 2016/17 season, but there is a "mirror" that the league performance is not proportional to the efficiency of the striker. The "full participation in the goal" championship method does not conform to the Real Madrid club's Historically, this kind of firepower output method seems to be balanced, but it is very variable. Lopetegui hopes that "other players can share Bale's scoring task" after taking office is also a helpless move. Zidane also holds similar ideas after entering the palace for the second time. Facts have proved that the success of the 2016/17 season can be met but not expected. When Real Madrid’s main rotation does not include Ronaldo and Morata, and Ronaldo is gradually marginalized, the game mode of all players participating in scoring has no idea. Following.

齐达内曾经带领皇家马德里队在2016/17赛季创下双冠王,但是有一个“镜子”,即联盟的表现与前锋的效率不成正比。 “完全参与进球”冠军赛的方法与皇马俱乐部的历史不符。从历史上看,这种火力输出方法似乎很平衡,但它却变化很大。洛佩特吉希望上任后“其他球员可以分担贝尔的得分任务”也是无奈的举动。齐达内第二次进入宫殿后也持有类似的想法。事实证明,2016/17赛季的成功是可以实现的,但并非意料之中。当皇马的主要轮换阵容不包括罗纳尔多和莫拉塔,而罗纳尔多逐渐被边缘化时,所有参与得分的球员的游戏模式都不知道。以下。

Ronaldo has epic-level finishing ability and attendance rate. The giants can safely build a team around him, design tactics and seek "wingman" according to his technical characteristics. In the process of building a team around the Portuguese for a long time, Real Madrid has formed an offensive system in which an impact-type forward and a technical midfielder play the leading role. Players who like to break through with the ball but not strong in possession, passing and coverage are not valued. . The combination of Cristiano Ronaldo and Benzema needs a lot of space for activity. Zidane tends to rely on homogenized technical players to strengthen control when building a midfield. The B2B midfielder who is good at back-up impact is not suitable for "C Ronaldo. team".

罗纳尔多具有史诗般的整理能力和出勤率。巨人可以安全地围绕他组建一支球队,设计战术并根据他的技术特点寻找“边锋”。在长期围绕葡萄牙人建立一支球队的过程中,皇家马德里形成了一个进攻体系,其中一名具有冲击力的前锋和一名技术中场发挥了主导作用。喜欢突破球但不擅长控球,传球和遮挡的球员不予重视。 。克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多和本泽马的组合需要大量活动空间。齐达内在建立中场时倾向于依靠同质化的技术参与者来加强控制。 B2B中场擅长后援,不适合C罗纳尔多队。

Real Madrid did not update the team immediately after Cristiano Ronaldo left the team. On the one hand, it was limited by financial resources and limited options. Many players in the "Five Years and Four Championships" team are still in their prime. Florentino, Lopetegui and others have high hopes for Bell, and they hope that the Welshman, who has a similar transition experience with Ronaldo, can continue the original tactics. Regrettably, Bell failed to turn the tide when the team needed him. If Real Madrid hadn't lost to Atletico in this summer's warm-up match, the Welshman might have left the team.

克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)离开球队后,皇家马德里并没有立即更新球队。一方面,它受到财政资源和有限选择的限制。 “五年零四个冠军”团队中的许多球员仍处于巅峰状态。弗洛伦蒂诺(Florentino),洛佩特吉(Lopetegui)和其他人对贝尔寄予厚望,他们希望与罗纳尔多有类似过渡经验的威尔士人能够继续采用原来的战术。遗憾的是,贝尔在球队需要他时未能扭转局势。如果皇家马德里在今年夏天的热身赛中没有输给马竞,那么威尔士人可能已经离开了球队。

Barcelona, ​​which owns Messi, has always maintained a very high league scoring rate. The rise of Atletico Madrid has made the competition within the first group of La Liga more fierce. The fault tolerance rate of the league championship is very low. Whether the forward group can maintain high efficiency is critical. important. Just like the famous dynasty teams in history, Real Madrid is also going through a stage of aging core central axis but still struggling to pursue its residual value. Cristiano Ronaldo has left the team, and the "special" lineup built around him is still running day after day. The team that Real Madrid has put in a lot of effort during the "Five Years and Four Championships" period is difficult to change in just one or two. The meeting window was disassembled.

拥有梅西的巴塞罗那一直保持着很高的联赛得分率。马德里竞技的兴起使西甲第一组的比赛更加激烈。联赛冠军的容错率非常低。前锋小组能否维持高效率至关重要。重要。就像历史上著名的王朝球队一样,皇马也正处于核心中轴老化的阶段,但仍在努力追求其剩余价值。克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)已离开车队,而围绕他建立的“特别”阵容仍在日复一日地运转中国竞猜网。皇家马德里在“五年和四次冠军赛”期间付出巨大努力的团队很难在一到两年内改变。会议窗口被拆卸了。

After many losses in the late 2018/19 season, Zidane realized the need to attach importance to forward construction. In the summer window of 2019, Real Madrid gave priority to strengthening the striker in the transfer operation. The arrival of Hazard and Jovic is a signal that Zidane has changed his team's thinking. From the 433 formation led by Hazard at the beginning of the season to the 442 with Benzema and Jovic as a partner at Mallorca, Zidane has been building a system around the striker. In the process, Ferran Mendy replaced Marcelo as the main left-back, F. Valverde occupied a starting lineup, Cross and Modric could only appear together in a few games, all of which were to adapt. Adjustment made by shifting the center of gravity of the formation forward.

在2018/19赛季后期遭受许多损失之后,齐达内意识到需要重视前期建设。在2019年夏天的窗口中,皇家马德里优先加强前锋的转会行动。哈扎德和乔维奇的到来标志着齐达内改变了他的团队的思想。从本赛季初由哈扎德率领的433编队到本泽马和乔维奇在马洛卡的合伙人组成的442编队,齐达内一直在围绕前锋建立体系。在此过程中,费朗·门迪(Ferran Mendy)取代马塞洛(Marcelo)成为主要的左后卫,瓦尔·韦德(Valvede)占据了首发阵容,克罗斯(Cross)和莫德里奇(Modric)只能在少数几场比赛中一起出现,所有这些比赛都是为了适应。通过向前移动地层重心进行调整。

The loss of Hazard and Jovic has caused great damage to Real Madrid. Vinicius and Mariano can be regarded as replacements for the two new aids. The former appears to be inefficient in most games and the latter has only a handful of appearances. countable. With a substantial reserve of personnel, it cannot be used. Zidane can only rely on the four-midfield system and the "Christmas tree" formation, which is not suitable for dealing with the iron barrel formation of the middle and lower La Liga teams.

危害和乔维奇的损失给皇家马德里造成了巨大损失。 Vinicius和Mariano可以看作是这两种新辅助工具的替代品。前者在大多数游戏中似乎效率低下,而后者只有很少的出现。可数的。由于拥有大量人员,因此无法使用它。齐达内只能依靠四中场系统和“圣诞树”阵型,这不适合处理西甲中低级球队的铁桶阵型。

In the stage when the Real Madrid forward did not score consecutively, Casemiro had the experience of scoring twice in a single game (VS Sevilla), and F. Valverde had also dedicated long-range shots and wonderful assists. This shows that Real Madrid's midfielder has the ability to score goals. However, in the face of Manchester City and Barcelona this level of team, Real Madrid's midfielder cannot be more involved in the attack, the task of scoring goals still needs to be completed by the strikers.

在皇马前锋没有连续得分的阶段,卡塞米罗拥有单场得分两次的经验(VS塞维利亚),而瓦尔韦德(F. Valverde)也拥有远距离投篮和出色的助攻。这说明皇马的中场球员有进球能力。但是,面对曼城和巴萨这样水平的球队,皇马的中场球员不能更多地参与进攻,进球的任务仍然需要前锋来完成。

The weakness of the front led to too many draws for the team. During the continuation of the unbeaten record, Real Madrid did not gain an advantage over Barcelona in league points. Recently, Zidane tried to glue the advantages of three forwards and four midfielders together to create an asymmetric 433 system to find a balance between ball possession and offense. Hazard and Vinicius on the left are wingers, and Isco on the right can participate in the wing attack or be regarded as a midfielder. The victory of the national derby only relieved Zidane's pressure, but has not fundamentally solved Real Madrid's problems. The players are still those players, and the dividends that can be created by changing the permutation and combination are very limited. The opponent already knows these Real Madrid players very well and it is easy to make targeted restriction strategies.


Since the start of the new season, Real Madrid's trend has shown obvious phased characteristics. The weakness of the front leads the team to constantly adjust passively, and the record naturally fluctuates. Summing up the experience and lessons from the failure, Zidane can always find a solution to the problem as quickly as possible, leading the team to switch back to the continuous win mode. However, the first two crisis public relations seem to have exhausted Real Madrid's resources. When the team suffered another defeat recently (before the offseason), Zidane's tactical kits have been difficult to change. The unexpected offseason gave Zidane a respite. Hazard and Asensio returned from injury, and Real Madrid has seen hopes coming out of the cocoon.


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