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In the two rounds of competition with China Fortune, Evergrande’s foreign aid Talisca’s performance was quite different: he was replaced after halftime in the first game and became the target of public criticism; in the second game, he scored two goals and became the team hero. So far this season, Taliska's performance has been uncertain, and most of the time has been a little sluggish, and there is an outbreak from time to time. Why is there such a big contrast?


Talisca’s performance on this field was almost perfect: Evergrande’s first goal was when he received a ball from Jr. Moto Fernando and scored a long shot from outside the penalty area; Evergrande’s second goal was After he cooperated with Exxon in the midfield, he passed the ball to Paulinho, who passed it to Fernando and Fernando scored the goal. For Evergrande’s fourth goal, he received the fee. After Nando's pass, he played with Paulinho, and he pushed the goal from the front of the penalty area. In the final moments of the game, Talisca also shot with a curve kick, hitting the opponent's frame, almost performing a hat trick. After a game, Taliska scored two goals and instigated a goal. His performance in the frontcourt was quite chic, in sharp contrast with the previous game.

塔利斯卡在这方面的表现几乎是完美的:恒大的第一个进球是当他从小摩中国竞猜网托·费尔南多(J. Moto Fernando)接球并在禁区外射入远射时;恒大的第二个进球是在他与埃克森美孚在中场合作之后,他将球传给了Paulinho,后者又将球传给了费尔南多,费尔南多进球了。为了实现恒大的第中国竞猜网四个目标,他获得了费用。 Nando通过后,他与Paulinho比赛,将球从禁区前推入。在比赛的最后时刻,塔利斯卡还用曲线踢射门,击中对手的身体,几乎完成了帽子戏法。一场比赛之后,塔里斯卡打进了两个进球,并策动了一个进球。与前一场比赛形成鲜明对比的是,他在前场的表现十分时尚。

Since the beginning of this season, Talisca’s performance has been criticized by fans. Not only did he excel at shooting from mid-to-long range but also missed the ball frequently, becoming a “water tower” in the eyes of the fans. Coach Cannavaro also had to Publicly defended him and praised him as a world-class player. But no matter how beautiful Kashuai is, it needs Talisca to prove with actions. Under what circumstances can Talisca be activated?


In fact, Taliska's outstanding performance against China Fortune in this battle has once again this season, that is, in the 8th round against Shanghai Shenhua. At that time, Talisca grabbed a spot in front of the goal and scored the first goal for Evergrande; then he went straight to Fernando, who made a pass to make Shenhua own, and Evergrande scored the second goal; then he Exxon was straight, the latter passed the ball to Zhang Linpeng, Zhang Linpeng passed Fernando to score, and Evergrande scored the third goal. In that game, Taliska scored a goal and instigated two goals, and it was a relaxed and happy game.


The two games have one thing in common, that is, Evergrande used a lineup of four foreign players + two naturalized players, which is also dubbed "six foreign players" by the outside world. With this lineup, Evergrande’s frontcourt is Paulinho, Talisca, Fernando and Exxon. With the help of fellow Brazilians, Talisca can easily find the feeling of breaking the goal. The ball, once received a pass from Fernando and once received a pass from Paulinho, gave him the most comfortable position, and he can shoot directly without adjustment, showing his shooting accuracy. Moreover, not only Taliska, Exxon always performed brilliantly in such a game. Against China Fortune, Evergrande had three goals, all of which were related to Exxon. Although he did not score, he still played. A very good battle.


In addition, it is worth mentioning that Talisca has scored a total of five goals this season and scored in four games. In these four games, in addition to this battle and the aforementioned victory over Shenhua, there were also a victory over R&F at the beginning of the season and a 2-1 defeat at R&F in the 9th round. Except for the game at the beginning of the season, when Taliska scored in the other three games, Fernando was on the court. With the breakthrough and pull of the motorcycle, Talisca had more room for action. His shooting skills can get the opportunity to show. Once Xiao Moto is not on the court and Yang Liyu, Wei Shihao and other local players are in the frontcourt, Talisca can only retreat to the midfield to get the ball. His weakness in holding the ball and not good at breaking through will be exposed.


With the recovery of Talisca, Evergrande has recovered its peak state in this battle, and is more confident on the road to the championship. After all, judging from the previous few seasons, when it came to the critical moment of strong vs. Hu, Evergrande relied on Paulinho on the one hand and Taliska on the other. His shooting skills are very important to Evergrande.


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