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A few days ago, the rumors that many teams in the Premier League, including Wolves, wanted to introduce Wu Lei were aroused. Many fans are discussing how true or false the news is. While Wu Lei can gain a foothold in the Premier League, he also raised a traditional question: what about the labor license?


Yes, for Chinese players who have been rumored with the Premier League over the years, the labor certification is a stumbling block. However, if Wu Lei does join the Premier League team this time, applying for a labor permit will no longer be an insurmountable problem. The reason, let's break it down.


Although fans are more familiar with the Premier League’s labor certification, in fact this system is not limited to football, but a permit issued by the Department of Labor (now called the Department of Employment and Pensions) to allow various types of work in the UK. In short, regardless of what you want to do in the UK, you must first apply for a labor permit if you want to sign a serious work contract.


Specific to the Premier League (and the British Championship), that is, you must pass a certain assessment system set by the FA, which is considered to have the value of playing in the UK and driving the development of the league level in order to rely on this "report card". Obtain a labor license and participate in official competitions of all sizes such as the Premier League, the FA Cup, and the European Championship.


This assessment system is called "Governing Body Endorsement", or GBE for short.


For a long time before 2015, non-EU players who wanted to obtain a labor certification through GBE basically had to meet the following two conditions: The FIFA average ranking of their national team in the past two years was in the top 70 in the world; the past two He played at least 75% of the international A-level events for the national team.


If the above two conditions cannot be met at the same time, it is necessary to appeal for the "special genius clause", and a jury will decide whether the player can "make a special contribution to the development of the British league", and they can vote to get the labor certification.


Many Premier League teams have signed many stars based on this exception. For example, William only played two games for Brazil when he joined Chelsea, but the FA judges unanimously recognized him as a "special genius".


For the first batch of Chinese players who landed in the Premier League, the problem of applying for labor certification is not big.


From Sun Jihai and Zheng Zhi to Dong Fangzhuo, who was teammate with Ronaldo at Manchester United, the Chinese team's FIFA rankings were all over 50 during that time, which met the labor certification requirements. Therefore, as long as they can reach the ratio of playing for the Chinese team, they can live.


But for the latecomers of Chinese football, the Premier League has become increasingly unattainable.


First of all, the Chinese team's international ranking dropped again and again. Around 2009, it has fallen to the 100th place. In the same year, the British champion Birmingham wanted to bring in Shao Jiayi from Cottbus, but the labor certification application for him was not unexpectedly rejected. Birmingham has since placed hopes on the "special genius clause", and even included the news that Shao Jia was selected once or twice in the Bundesliga Weekly Team, but the appeal ended in failure.


Secondly, starting in 2015, the Football Association made a stepwise revision to the GBE audit, which has been in use ever since.


The details are as follows.


——For the top 10 national teams in the world, players must reach 30% of their appearances;


——For national teams ranked 11-20 in the world, players must reach 45% of the number of appearances;


——For national teams ranked 21-30 in the world, players must reach 60% of their appearances;


——For the national team ranked 31-50 in the world, players must reach 75% of the appearances;


——After the 50th in the world, bye.


The Chinese team’s ranking has not been in the top 50 for a long time, which has become one of the reasons why Chinese players have not been seen in the Premier League for a long time. (Of course not the only reason)

中国队的排名已经很久没有进入前50名了,这已经成为中国球员长时间不在英超联赛中出现的原因之一。 (当然不是唯一的原因)

So the question is, now the Chinese team is not ranked in the top 50, why do you say that it is not that difficult for Wu Lei to apply for a labor certification?


The answer is still-appeal.


In the past, the appeal of applying for a labor certification was to pass the "special genius clause," but this manual review process lacked written basis and was often complained by public opinion due to excessive subjective factors.


Therefore, while the FA is carrying out GBE step-by-step reforms, it has also thoroughly standardized the appeal process. Now GBE is divided into three steps, and each step becomes "a law to follow".


Step.1: For the first application, the system will automatically review after submitting the materials, based on the stepped standard above.


Of course, because the Chinese team is not in the top 50 in the world, if a Premier League team buys Wu Lei, then the first application will be rejected 100%.


Step.2: The second application is the first appeal. Although it is still manual review, it has been changed to a scoring system based on items in the form. There are a total of the following six items. A score of 4 is considered qualified. (Same content does not repeat the score)

步骤2:第二项申请是第一项上诉。尽管仍是手动审核,但已更改为基于表单中项目的评分系统。总共有以下六个项目。 4分被认为是合格的。 (相同的内容不会重复分数)





Playing for the Spaniard who played in the Europa League and ranked in the forefront of the team, Wu Lei has scored two points, and two more points are enough.


The next step is a little complicated, so complicated that many people are wrong.




This article is understood in many domestic media why "75% of the average transfer fee last season", so it came to the conclusion that "Wu Lei can easily reach it", but this is a serious mistake. Percentile (percentile) is a statistical concept that refers to the range of a sample in the population. For example, the 50th percentile is famous: the median.


Therefore, the 75th percentile and 75% are completely different. This is really in human terms:


Therefore, unless Wu Lei, who is worth 10 million euros, "sold" several times the price, it is difficult to achieve this.








In summary, if Wu Lei joined the Premier League, it would still be difficult to pass GBE's first appeal like Sun Xingmin did when he joined Tottenham at 30 million. Of course, if a Chinese-funded team like the Wolves directly pays this level of transfer fee, or alone bears the salary of the team above the middle level, then naturally they can get 2-3 points, plus 2 assists by the Spaniard, reaching 4 The passing line is effortless.


What if the first appeal fails? Then go to the next step.


Step.3: The third application is the second appeal. It is still manual review, and supplementary project scores are made on the basis of the previous time. The supplementary items are further divided into six items, each of which will add 1 point, which does not overlap with the same kind of the first appeal.




If the last one was math, then this one was English (laughs). To put it another way, assuming that the median of all transfer fees in the Premier League last season was 20 million pounds, it would exceed 80% of this figure, which is 16 million.




If Wu Lei joins the Premier League and fails the first GBE appeal, he will get 1 point each through the above two points, plus 2 points from the Spaniard's assists, the hope of reaching the 4 points pass line is still very high. Although these statistics are not open to the public, the FA will send it to the Premier League clubs before each season. If you really want to buy Wu Lei, then you will open the contract according to the regulations. Naturally, the problem is not big.

如果吴磊加入英超并未能通过GBE第一次上诉,他将通过以上两点各得1分,再加上西班牙人的助攻获得2分,达到4分传球线的希望仍然很高。尽管这些统计信息不向公众开放,但足总会将其在每个赛季之前发送给英超俱乐部。如果您真的想购买Wu Lei,那么您将按照相关规定打开合同。自然,问题不大。

This is why I said at the beginning that if Wu Lei joins the Premier League, his labor certification will no longer be a major problem.


The other four are not relevant, let's take a look at them.


-Players can transfer freely, but their worth is within 20% of the median value of all transfers in the Premier League last season.


——Playing in the sub-levels of the eight top leagues mentioned above, and personal playing time reaches 30%.


——The club has participated in the final qualifiers of the intercontinental competition in the past 12 months, and the individual playing time has reached 30%.


-Players represent the national team to participate in a certain proportion of secondary international events, or the national team has reached the semi-finals of the Asian Cup or the African Cup within 12 months.


The Chinese team did not reach the semi-finals in the 2019 Asian Cup, and more than 12 months have passed since.


Of course, this article only discusses whether Wu Lei can successfully apply for a labor certification if he joins the Premier League. In fact, whether he can really land in the Premier League, whether the team needs, style, and ability to adapt to physical confrontation are actually more important key factors.


In short, I still hope that Wu Lei's journey abroad will be smooth sailing.


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