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Congratulations to the German team, they finally won after nearly a year-this is certainly an irony.


After struggling to win against Ukraine on the bench, the tank finally escaped the nightmare of 3 consecutive draws and won its first victory this year. In the past three years, the German team under the leadership of Loew has continuously refreshed the lower limit of team history: for the first time in World Cup history, it was out of the group stage and for the first time in three consecutive official matches that it could not score...


The German team, which has lost its performance aura and praised the "male model team", is no longer the darling of the fans, and its ratings have fallen again and again. In September’s UEFA Europa League match between Germany and Switzerland, 6.25 million viewers had set a record low in recent years, but this record was quickly rewritten in the friendly match against Turkey. The average viewership was 5.82 million, falling below the 6 million mark. . The attraction of club games has gradually surpassed that of the national team. Ten days ago, the German Super Cup received 8.07 million viewers.

失去了表现光环并称赞“男模队”的德国队已不再是球迷的宠儿,其收视率也一再下降。在9月的德国和瑞士之间的UEFA欧罗巴联赛比赛中,有625万观众创造了近年来的最低纪录,但在与土耳其的友谊赛中,这一纪录很快被改写。平均收视人数为582万,低于600万大关。 。俱乐部比赛的吸引力逐渐超过了国家队。十天前,德国超级杯吸引了807万观众。

The national team's record is too poor to awaken the enthusiasm of the fans. Competitive sports are fair and cruel, and there is no escort by achievements. No matter how many labels, they are more like the laughing stock of improper business. Three years ago, the Germanic chariot was the absolute darling of the media. Before the World Cup in Russia, some German media even lined up four lineups to show off the strength of the German team. Three years later, the Germanic chariot has become the yellow flower of tomorrow, and it has been mentioned again and has become the object of ridicule.


"Xiao De is starting again!" As soon as the starting list before the game came out, many German fans sighed "it's another hard fight." Draxler, who was on the fringe in Paris, became the main force of the national team, and he was dubbed "Loew's son" by fans. At the same time, the newly promoted European assist king Muller has been unable to get a call for a long time, and Loew's employment has been criticized.


In fact, the issue of employment has always been an old problem of Love. Former drug factory striker Kisling once smashed all quarters in the Bundesliga and won a small gun, but it is true that when the national team's striker is short, it is difficult to see. Kisling withdrew from the national team in anger, and settled a grudge with Loew. Thanks to the overall strength of the German team at that time, these problems were quickly dispelled by the joy of Brazil's World Cup victory, and even became a footnote for the good use of Love.


With the crash of the golden generation, the problem was once again brought to the table. It is difficult for the fans to understand why when the national team is in short supply of left back, it is difficult for the Augsburg left back Max to enter the national team when he surpassed Lahm to become the player who sent the most assists (12 times) in a single season in Bundesliga history. The rotation of clubs such as, Schultz, Henrichs, and the marginal players wore the national team jersey to start the game.


The trio of Mueller, Hummels and Boateng, who were expelled from the national team by Loew, have all delivered outstanding results in the past season, although Loew has always claimed that the door of the national team has not been closed to them. But during his tenure, it seems difficult to see the day of the restart.


As a player and coach, the football emperor Beckenbauer, who has led the German team to win the World Cup, came out to grapple with Mueller: "Müller is now an absolute leader and his personality will definitely help the national team."


Mueller himself is quite indifferent: "All statements on this matter have made it very clear, which is why there is no new situation at present, and the reason why this is not a topic I care about now." I really don't care or "Sad, Nothing is more than heart-death", can only be like a person drinking water, knowing the cold or warmth.


In fact, in recent years, the German youth training has been deserted, and few talents have emerged, which objectively limits the selection of Loew, and Loew's own employment preferences have reduced the selection of talents again, and the situation where no one is available is getting worse.


This is no longer news.


Against Ukraine, the German team lost the ball again. In the 4 games this year, the German team lost all defense. The last time an opponent was blocked was a 4-0 Belarusian match in the European preliminaries a year ago.


The defense led by Jule, Gentel and Rüdiger made another mistake. Jule sent a foul in the penalty area. Jule's ignition was due to the defensive misalignment of the right midfielder Kimmich, allowing his opponent to easily send a fatal through; Kimi Before Xi, Cross once had a dashing "back pass" in the penalty area, almost helping his opponent knock at Neuer's gate.


With the reputation of losing the Germanic chariot, the German team's style of playing has gradually lost its former toughness. Facing the opponent's high press, the midfield and the backcourt are often in a hurry.


After the game, the piglet sent a solution, named Boateng, and made it clear that the best players should play for the country. From a technical perspective, Boateng’s long-pass assist level is not available in today’s German defense. In order to solve the problem of insufficient offense in the back defense, Gentle needs to often hold the ball to attack. Once the ball is lost, It is easy to be counterattacked by opponents grabbing the gap behind them.


At the same time, Loew's formation is also confusing. The second goal lost against Turkey was due to a backcourt error by Neuhaus. Karadzha stole the ball and drove through the barrier to equalize the score. Neuhaus and Brandt, two organized midfielders with insufficient physical confrontation, started together, and the hardness of the midfield can be imagined. To make matters worse, when Neuhaus received the ball, none of the three guards came forward to be responsible for receiving and making up, and the defensive awareness was obviously insufficient. The essence of the defense of the three central defenders lies in the rotation of the midfielder and the tacit understanding. Without relevant targeted training, playing three central defenders is tantamount to digging your own grave.


Compared to the lesser pig’s vagueness, Matteus is not merciful, “Loew’s tactical mistakes cost the German team the price of failure. When I see many players like Schultz who play as substitutes at the club, I was surprised when the German team got the start."


Failure to attack and defend is the reality of the German team. As for the reason, in addition to the psychedelic formation of the coach, the player's ability does exist. Take the two wing guards as an example. Whether it is Halstenberg or Klosterman’s skills and speed at the feet compared to the predecessor Lahm, the latter’s ability to defend, make up, control the ball and insert assists. Both are firmly ranked in the world and can provide strong support for the team on both offense and defense. Lack of the tearing and containment of a strong center forward, Gnabry has repeatedly fallen into the vortex of positional warfare, playing in the national team is far less relaxed than the club.


The decline in player talent is visible to the naked eye, and the youth training problem will not be solved for a while. Various problems make this German team need to play more integrated and united than any period in history, relying on the strength of the team to make up for the lack of personal talent.


And this is the biggest problem.


The existence of some people is a mistake in itself, and this sentence is perfect for Love.


For the time being, the question of who made Loew and the golden generation of Germany has succeeded. In any case, the former did lead the German team to the top of the world. It is true that now with the success of the former assistant Frick in Bayern, this achievement seems to be suspected of water injection. , After Frick left as an assistant, the German team's winning percentage dropped by 12%.

就目前而言,谁创造了洛伊和德国的黄金一代的问题已经成功。无论如何,前者确实带领德国队到达了世界之巅。的确,随着拜仁前助理弗里克(Frick)的成功,这一成就似乎被怀疑是注水。 ,在弗里克(Frick)离开助理之后,德国队的获胜率下降了12%。

After his success, Loew did not retreat from the rapids, but chose to continue his journey. However, since then, the German team seemed to have lost the favor of God and took a turn for the worse. After the defeat of Russia, Loew became a target of public criticism. Thanks to the trust of the German Football Association, he continued to remain in office. He thought that Loew could lead the German team to rebound strongly after knowing the shame. One defeat and another defeat. The dismissal of the youth reforms initiated by the Bayern team is quite suspect. To this day, Loew has not made any apologies for the previous series of failures. Not guilty of self but sinner, as the main responsible person, Love tried to "get out of the silt but not stain", and kept silent about his own problems.


His retention has virtually created an illusion in the minds of the German players: If you make a mistake, you don't need to be responsible, and you can even shirk responsibility. This is definitely not good news for a team that desperately needs a team. From a spiritual perspective, Loew's existence itself is the biggest cancer of the German team, shaking the military.


Past successes and failures have become Loew's heavy burden and a huge resistance for the German team to move forward. Every move of the team will be examined under the spotlight of the media and become a yardstick for judging whether Loew has turned over or not. Even though Loew has tried to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the media several times, this escape is obviously futile.




The reformed German team not only failed to move forward lightly, but was tied to the train that proved itself by Loew. In other words, Loew was betting his future with the future of the German team. Every German international is covered with invisible ropes, and every step forward is extremely heavy.


Facing the dilemma of reality, the former meritorious captain Ram said frankly: "The national team needs to spread happiness more. We are now in a difficult period."


Affected by the epidemic, the European Cup was forced to be postponed to next year, leaving the German team plenty of time to adjust, but where is the special medicine to cure this atypical German team? In other words, where is the soul of the German team? Smoke clouded every German fan's heart.


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