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Yes, the football match is coming back. The German Professional Football League confirmed after a meeting that the Bundesliga will restart on May 16.


Merkel’s proposal was leaked to the media on Tuesday, and it initially set a two-week quarantine observation period, which surprised many clubs and league officials. At that time, they expected the government to agree that a team isolation period of only 8 days would be sufficient, and this time was also consistent with the second edition of the 51-page Bundesliga medical guidance.


Merkel's prudent time schedule would have postponed the league until the restart on May 22, but in her second version of the motion, a crucial change is the cancellation of the two-week time requirement. During the three-hour meeting, states such as Bremen and Rhineland-Palatinate were still fighting for a two-week quarantine period, but the meeting ended with a more optimistic attitude. With the gradual lifting of the ban in Germany, the restart of the league will become a sign of normalization. In Germany, many shops, amusement parks and hairdressers will reopen this week. In northern Germany, which is relatively least affected by the epidemic, Schleswig-Holstein has even allowed amateur football matches. In the next few weeks, the control measures in various parts of Germany will be further relaxed based on the conditions of each state, including staggered school openings and reopening of some restaurants and tourist attractions.


Germany's federal system limits the power of Merkel's authorities in this epidemic. She can make requests and suggestions on related issues, but the German states have jurisdiction over health and hygiene matters. People such as the governor of Bavaria, Marcus Sud, and the governor of North Rhine-Westphalia, Armin Lachette, followed their own agendas from the beginning. In the two people's motion, it is quite important to bring football back to the public. It is worth mentioning that both are also popular candidates for Merkel's successor.

在这种流行病中,德国的联邦制限制了默克尔当局的权力。她可以就相关问题提出要求和建议,但是德国各州对健康和卫生事务具有管辖权。巴伐利亚州州长Marcus Sud和北莱茵-威斯特法伦州州长Armin Lachette等人从一开始就遵循自己的议程。在两国人民的议案中,将足球带回公众非常重要。值得一提的是,两者都是默克尔继任者的热门人选。

However, this attempt was futile. German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer is very supportive of the Bundesliga restart plan. But in any case, Seehofer's position cannot be shaken and influence related decisions.

但是,这种尝试是徒劳的。德国内政部长霍斯特·西霍弗(Horst Seehofer)非常支持德甲重新启动计划。但是无论如何,Seehofer的立场不能动摇并影响相关决策。

The Bundesliga side decided on the exact restart route on Thursday, clarifying the multiple possibilities previously envisaged. The first is to restore the game schedule, starting from the previously postponed 26th round. The first game will be the Ruhr Derby between Dortmund and Schalke 04. In recent weeks, people's concerns about fans gathering outside the stadium have eased, but the focus of everyone's concern has turned to this topic: Such a major event may cause some people to gather indoors on a large scale to watch the live game.


German Sky TV owns the broadcast rights of all Bundesliga matches on Saturday and Sunday. For them, in order to avoid and reduce the destruction of social distance, they can live broadcast for free or assign the copyright of the match to another public broadcaster. There is a precedent for this: In April this year, German Sky, for marketing purposes, broadcast the Ruhr Derby last season in an unencrypted manner. The league also hopes that these companies with broadcasting rights can provide free game broadcasting to unpaid viewers at the end of the season. But whether the German Sky will be willing to do so in the Ruhr Derby on the 16th will be up to them. However, from the perspective of former Bremen CEO Willie Lemke and some fan groups, this free live broadcast is not desirable. An industry insider said that if so, then you have to tear up all related contracts.

德国天空电视台拥有周六和周日所有德甲比赛的转播权。对于他们来说,为了避免和减少对社会距离的破坏,他们可以免费直播,或者将比赛的版权分配给其他公共广播公司。这有一个先例:今年4月,出于营销目的,德国天空(German Sky)上赛季以未加密的方式播放了鲁尔德比(Ruhr Derby)。联盟还希望这些拥有转播权的公司在本赛季结束时可以向无偿收看的观众提供免费的游戏转播。但是,德国之星是否愿意在16日的鲁尔德比赛道上这样做将取决于他们。但是,从不来梅前首席执行官威利·莱姆克(Willie Lemke)和一些粉丝团体的角度来看,这种免费的现场直播是不可取的。一位业内人士说,如果是这样,那么您就必须撕毁所有相关合同。

Before determining the schedule for the 16-19th, the league had imagined that the first round of the league after the restart was replaced with the 34th round, and then proceeded in the opposite order, so as to avoid the fans welcoming the football game. A popular derby was held in the first weekend of the year. Another option that was not adopted in the end was the league’s comprehensive redesign of the game schedule. Regarding the latter option, in some people’s opinion, although this plan is radical, it also has some advantages. For example, it can reduce the travel of players as much as possible in the early stages of restarting the game and help the team strictly comply with the league in terms of travel. In terms of travel, players will drive their own cars to the venue during home games, and use a team instead of traditional buses for away games. Despite many considerations, most clubs still tend to restart the league from the 26th round.


Concerns about team travel are also the core issue of the league setting up the playing field at each club's home court instead of a neutral ground. In addition to the fact that German football does not have a venue similar to Wembley Stadium, it is too difficult for all 36 clubs to travel between the hotel and the venue for six states.


As the German Football Association intends to end the German Cup semi-finals and finals before the end of June (the initial dates are June 16-17 and June 27), the league


The bi-weekly virus detection is still the basis and core of the league restart plan. If the team plays a game every 3 days, the total number of test reagents required will reach the level of about 25,000. Today, Germany's daily production capacity of testing reagents is approximately 14,200.


At least 1,742 players and staff have been tested this week; in addition, their families can also be tested if they wish. Professor Tim Meyer, head of the League Epidemic Task Force, believes that the results of 10 positive cases in the first round of testing prove that the entire system is effective. Asymptomatic patients found in the test will enter the two-week isolation observation period. However, once the club is quarantined in the hotel, they will be further tested for the virus and will be under great pressure to play again. If the local government insists that teams affected by the virus must be quarantined, the league schedule will also be affected.


As Kalu inadvertently revealed inadvertent practices such as shaking hands in the locker room on social media on Monday, clubs were also informed that they might be subject to surprise inspections by health officials in the future. The Ivorian was also banned by Hertha Berlin after making a mistake.

由于卡尔(Kalu)疏忽大意地透露了一些疏忽大意的做法,例如周一在社交媒体上的更衣室里握手,俱乐部也被告知,将来可能会受到卫生官员的突击检查。在犯错之后,科特迪瓦也被柏林赫塔(Hertha Berlin)禁止。

There is no doubt that concerns about the restart of the league and the personal behavior of players will continue. According to Bobic, the sports director of Frankfurt, 90% of professionals are expected to support the restart plan of the league, but there will still be a considerable number of opponents. And due to the relatively weak status of the players' union in German football, this means that in fact many professionals have not really spoken out. Unlike the Premier League situation, the team doctors firmly support the restart of the Bundesliga. The league was very cautious, and they also included Dortmund team doctor and Bundesliga team medical spokesperson Marcus Braun into the epidemic special team.

毫无疑问,对联赛重启和球员个人行为的担忧将继续存在。据法兰克福体育总监波比奇(Bobic)称,预计90%的专业人士将支持联盟的重启计划,但仍然会有相当多的反对者。而且由于德国足球运动员联盟的地位相对较弱,这意味着实际上许多专业人士并没有真正发表意见。与英超联赛的情况不同,球队的医生坚定地支持德甲联赛的重启。联盟非常谨慎,他们还包括多特蒙德队的医生和德甲球队的医疗发言人马库斯·布劳恩(Marcus Braun)进入这一流行病特别中国竞猜网小组。

Of course, the league will have a bad impression after the restart of the game. In the case that fans cannot enter the stadium, they will not consider increasing the atmosphere of the game in the way they think. On the other hand, Sky Germany is weighing whether to include fan noise as an option for the audience to watch the game, and Sky UK will also pay close attention to this.


There are still some fans who oppose the move behind closed doors, but their attitude has eased in recent weeks. More people generally accept the fact that in order to avoid a short-term financial collapse, German football has no choice but to play in an empty stadium.


"Football matches without fans will only be a temporary emergency measure to ensure the financial situation of the club," the fan organization Unsere Kurve said in a statement. "But in the imminent situation, the necessary reforms are also the move." Bundesliga CEO Christian Seifert said recently that the league needs to think about ways to re-establish contact with fans and restart a series of leagues. Whether the move will have a substantial impact on fans remains to be seen.

球迷组织Unsere Kurve在一份声明中说:“没有球迷的足球比赛将只是确保俱乐部财务状况的一项临时紧急措施。” “但是在迫在眉睫的情况下,必要的改革也是此举。”德甲联赛首席执行官克里斯蒂安·塞弗特(Christian Seifert)最近表示,联盟需要考虑与球迷重新建立联系并重启一系列联赛的方法。此举是否会对粉丝产生重大影响还有待观察。

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